Our authors

Irina Mancini
Irina is passionate about her scientific work and wants to share her work experience with the most diverse audiences. Starting as a veterinary doctor in 2012, she first wanted to communicate to pet owners the science of diseases and therapies, with particular attention to osteoarthritis, pain management and quality of life in animals. When she moved from clinical work to research in 2014, as a PhD researcher she discovered the wonders of regenerative medicine and tissue engineering, but found it hard sometimes to understand the science behind scientific articles. She currently dedicates herself to the translation of promising biomaterials for cartilage repair from in vitro to preclinical large animal models, while working towards making science always understandable to her different audiences.

Katja Jansen
Katja is biomedical scientist with focus on pharmacology and regenerative medicine. Since 2016, she is PhD candidate at Utrecht University, where she works on the development of advanced therapies for kidney patients. She is convinced that regenerative medicine holds the potential to revolutionize medicine in future. She says that we can already fight many diseases with drugs, but now we are also exploring how we can use our body’s own resources to regenerate and repair damaged tissues. Katja has a passion for storytelling and she thinks that scientists have not only the privilege but also the responsibility to explain the world to a broad audience. Data tells you what is happening, but stories tell you why it matters.